Rescue Services & Ambulances in Lima

Rescue Services & Ambulances in Lima

The standard of emergency medicine and ambulance services has rapidly improved over the last few years. Most private ambulance services have modern vehicles, are prepared for all kind of emergencies and equipped to international standards including ventilators and defibrillators. If you aren't a member of any private ambulance service or haven't signed up to one of their plans, they charge you for their visit.

An excellent service free of charge with very well equipped units provides Lima's voluntary fire brigade (Bomberos Voluntarios del Peru). In case of an accident or any other medical emergency they respond quickly and provide good first aid.

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Peruvian Fire Brigade

The voluntary fire brigades of the various districts have very well equipped ambulances and respond to any kind of emergency quickly. They are prepared for serious road accidents, but also provide good first aid for smaller incidents even at home. Their service is for free, a donation would be appreciated!

Alerta Medica

Alerta Medica has a modern fleet of different emergency vehicles, all equipped to international standards and most with a doctor, a qualified nurse and an emergency driver on board. They offer a wide service for all sorts of emergencies and additionally various plans and insurances for their services. Non members will be charged by call.

Cardio Movil

Operated by the San Pablo Clinic in Surco the Cardio Movil is an ambulance specilized in responding to cardio-vascular emergencies and transporting cardio patients from one hospital to another. The Cardio Movil ambulances are equipped with the latest medical technology. They were granted the ISO 9001 Certificate (an International Quality Standard Certificate).

Suiza Lab

Suiza Lab is probably the biggest clinical laboratory in Lima. They have numerous very well equipped branches spread around town offering among many other things first class medical examinations and check-ups with state of the art equipment and a vaccination center. Suiza Lab also has an excellent ambulance and in-home medical service.

Clave Medica

Clave Medica has professional equipped modern vehicles. They offer a wide service for all sorts of emergencies, general ambulance transports and additionally various plans and insurances for their services. Non member will be charged by call. Their ambulances are spread around town to guarantee a quick respond to any emergency.

Plan Vital

Plan Vital is a company for all types of medical and accidental emergencies. In addition they offer ambulatory medical attention. Their modern first responder units are very well equipped, able to cope with any kind of medical emergency.

6 results - showing 1 - 6