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Maguey TheaterMaguey Theater
Teatro Maguey

Maguey Theater

The Teatro Maguey, one of the most important theater groups in the country, was founded in 1982. The main aim was and still is to offer a space where all age groups can develop identity, imagination, creativity, expressiveness and communication skills through art and play. The theater offers always on Saturdays and Sundays various presentations and plays for everybody. Additionally the group runs workshops in different areas like music, theater and circus.

The Maguey Theater not only performs in Peru, but as well in countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Chile, Italy, France, Denmark and Norway. The director Wili Pinto C. worked as a teacher for pedagogic experiences during many events and workshops with actors in Peru, whole Latin America, Europe, Asia and even Africa. The 'Teatro Maguey' offers the following workshops:

  • Theater Classes for beginners
  • Theater Classes for professional actors
  • Classes for theatrical development and specialization for actors at the Laboratorium 'Lunanueva'
  • Theater Classes for kids and teens
  • Music workshop of rhythm and percussion
  • Stilt workshop
  • Workshop of physical skills for the theater

For all those who don't want to be active themselves, the 'Teatro Maguey' presents different, interesting and funny performances and plays for all age groups at weekends.

General Info

Street: Jr. San Martin 600
District: San Miguel
City: Lima
Region: Lima
Phone: (+511) 263-5118

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