Theaters in Lima

Theaters in Lima

Lima has a vibrant and active theater scene and you surely will find something for your taste. There are many theaters presenting not only classic theater, but also cultural presentations, modern theater, experimental theater, dramas, dance performances, theater for children and not to forget shows and plays in numerous small theater bars. Most presentations are in Spanish, but don't worry, even if your language skills aren't perfect, its Art – you'll understand. It's always difficult to judge over cultural institutions and tell you which one is the best.

All theaters big or small work very hard, have brilliant actors and present magnificent performances and plays that promise a nice and entertaining afternoon or evening.

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Theater of the Británico

The Teatro Britanico is part of the British Cultural Center in Lima and stages professional theatrical performances with well known actors of the local scene. The group was created in 1949 with the intention of promoting British theater in Lima and bringing together those interested in acting and all further aspects of the theater.

Theater of the Alianza Francesa

The French Cultural Center in Lima is well known for their excellent and professional theatrical plays. For information on their actual program, dates and times check out their Web page.

Theater of the Cultural Center PUCP

The Cultural Center PUCP belongs to the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. It offers an inviting space to think, approach arts, meditate and work intellectually. The theater presents great professional performances. The plays are always amazing and with a special innovating style.

Peruvian Japanese Theater

The theater belongs to the Peruvian-Japanese Cultural Center and is one of the most respected cultural establishments in Lima. Presented are a wide range of different performances like ballet, creole theater, children theater and other national and international plays.

Satchmo Theater

The Satchmo Café Concert, is mostly known for its great music and dance presentations, live bands and jazz. Besides it stages fantastic theatrical plays. On Saturdays and Sundays the Teatro Satchmo often puts humorous, infantile and family shows on stage.

Lima Theater Club

The Theater Club of Lima houses the oldest drama school in Lima. Since its foundation in 1953 the Club de Teatro de Lima offers theatrical classes. Their teachers are all well known actors themselves. On a regular base, mostly Saturdays and Sundays, they present different plays.

Julieta Theater

Even if the outside of the theater doesn't look like it, the Teatro Julieta presents lovely staged plays mainly for kids. If you book a play in advance for a group of kids they offer special discounts.

Colon Theater

The Teatro Colon in Lima was once a very luxurious and respected theater. In the 1950s it became a cinema, later in the 1980s a porn movie theater and unfortunately deteriorated rapidly until it was closed in 2003. The beautiful refurbished facade of the old Teatro Colon awaits a new role in Limas cultural scene. Hopefully it will house in the near future another Cultural Center.

23 results - showing 16 - 2312