Segura Theater

Segura TheaterSegura Theater
Teatro Principal Manuel Segura

Segura Theater

The Segura Theater, or better the theatrical groups it developed from, is believed to be the oldest cultural institution in Latin America and represents a major part of the Peruvian cultural history. It was always an important theater in Lima and well respected for its professional work. The theater was opened in 1909 under the name Teatro Municipal and renamed 1929 to Teatro Segura (after the great local dramatist Manuel Ascencio Segura, 1805 -1871). When a new Teatro Municipal was established, it remained a well-established place in town for drama, opera and ballet. The yearly program of the Segura includes brilliant theater and dance performances. Worth a visit are the amazing opera, ballet and modern dance presentations.

General Info

Street: Jr. Huancavelica 265
District: City Center
City: Lima
Region: Lima
Phone: (+511) 426-7189

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