Theater Auditorio Miraflores

Theater Auditorio MirafloresTheater Auditorio Miraflores
Teatro Auditorio Miraflores

Theater Auditorio Miraflores

The Auditorio Miraflores is an excellent small theater that presents professional and impressive plays for young and old. Together with many others the theater group Aqualuna presents plays in the Auditorio Miraflores. Aqualuna was founded in 1991 by actors, playwrights, musicians and professionals in social sciences and communication. The group mainly stages plays with Peruvian and Latin American background, which always receive excellent critiques.

General Info

Street: AV. Larco 1150
Info: Basement
District: Miraflores
City: Lima
Postal Code (ZIP): 18
Region: Lima

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