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Learning with you

Aprendo Contigo

Aprendo Contigo (Learning with You) is an educational and recreational based program. Aprendo Contigo is helping children with life-threatening diseases to continue with as much normality as possible in a hospital environment. The small patients can attend classes and develop physically, emotionally and intellectually while being confined to a hospital bed or as a walk-in patient undergoing treatment.

The main goal of Aprendo Contigo is to create an environment of normality for the patient during hospitalization or treatment. The children continue to have access to an appropriate lesson plan and learning material. In addition Aprendo Contigo promotes the creative development through various handcrafts, workshops and hobbies. For this reason the small patients don't lose the contact to the outside world and don't see their illness as the central part of their lives.

Early Childhood education in the hospital

Early childhood education with Aprendo Contigo

Classes at the cancer ward

School at the cancer ward


Playing Lego is so much fun

Aprendo Contigo

Gardening with the kids

San Juan de Dios Hospital

"Classroom" in the San Juan de Dios Hospital

Since the year 2000 Aprendo Contigo works at the Cancer Institute (INEN), since January 2006 at the Center for Orthopedic and Neurological Deseases (Hogar Clínica San Juan de Dios) and since February 2009 at the Children Hospital of Lima (INSN). In December 2010 the work at the shelter for HIV positive children Posadita del Buen Pastor was ended. After almost 8 years the children are now prepared to attend regular schools. This has been the main goal in this specific location.

Aprendo Contigo is a member of the National Charter of Volunteers of Peru (CENAVOL).

How can you help Aprendo Contigo

  • Volunteer (detailed info on their webpage)
  • Purchase Christmas campaign products (Christmas cards, wrapping paper, calendars, etc...) at their little shop
  • Be a friend of Aprendo Contigo (S/. 20 monthly)
  • Donate money (account information on their website)
  • Physical contributions directly at their office

General Info

Street: Calle San Martin 602
District: Miraflores
City: Lima
Postal Code (ZIP): 18
Region: Lima
Phone: (+511) 447-8140


#Jennifer Vogelsberg2015-05-04 21:33
Soy una profesora de espanol en EEUU, y habia vivido 4 anos en Peru trabajando en el colegio Villa Maria en Miraflores. Voy a regresar este invierno y estoy buscando un trabajo voluntariado para un mes mas o menos. Es posible que pueda tener la oportunidad de trabajar con ustedes. Lo que he leido me interesa y me gustaria servir a ustedes.
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