El Refugio

El RefugioEl Refugio
The Shelter

El Refugio
El Refugio

El Refugio (The Shelter) is a Peruvian-Swiss non-profit association that offers a home to babies and children who are neglected or at risk, and offers care to children and elderly adults living in extreme poverty. The children homes are designed following a family structure; they have a maximum of 12 children per home. They are under the care of a substitute mother and are supported by a team of women. Children may stay in the care of "El Refugio" until they turn 18, or even for a longer time, until they are able to support themselves.

The founders Doris Storz (Swiss) and Lucia Corzo (Peruvian) started this Association in the year 2000. "Our wish is to be able to help babies and children who are neglected or at risk, by offering them a real home, and giving them the necessary love and support, as we are based upon Biblical principles and values. We also aim to reach out to the families and communities of at risk children, as well as to care for the elderly".

El Refugio Bakery

El Refugio bakery

Birthday Party

Birthday Party at El Refugio

Chicken Feeding at El Refugio

Feeding the chicken in El Refugio

Lantern Festival at El Refugio

Lantern Festival at El Refugio

Treehouse at El Refugio

Treehouse at El Refugio

How can you Help El Refugio ?

  • Donate food, strollers, mattresses, cribs, toys, furniture, diapers, clothing, shoes, lice treatment kits
  • Purchase handmade products from El Refugio like beautiful cards and Christmas Cakes
  • Sponsor one of their children (monthly contribution of US$ 50.-)
  • Be a friend of El Refugio (monthly contribution of US$ 25.-)
  • Donate money (account information can be found on their website)

General Info

Phone: (+511) 462-0354


#Nataly Macha2015-03-25 13:12
My name is Nataly Macha, I am peruvian and i would like to donate my time, I am planning to go to Peru on June 2015. Please let me know if can i visit these children and spend some time with them. Thank you.
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#talia-LimaEasy2015-03-25 15:26
Hola Nataly, yo creo que no habrá ningún problema en que vayas a visitar el refugio. Escribe a las direcciones que hemos listado arriba avisando tus intenciones, seguro estarán encantados de tenerte.
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#rachel tanenbaum2015-11-09 13:45
Hola . Estamos viajando a Peru para nuestro tercera vez. Vengo con mis hijas de 17,15,y 10. También con mi esposo. Nos gustaría venir a visitar el lugar y poder pasar unos días con los niños y ayudar como voluntarios si es posible. Me pueden enviar información a mi correo. Vivimos en Costa Rica. Gracias , Rachel
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#Talia-Limaeasy2015-11-13 02:19
Hola Rachel, estoy segura de que la asociacion estara encantada de tener a tu familia. Para mayor informacion, escribe al correo
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#naama2016-03-07 17:08
voy a visitar en lime en las fechas 9-15.3 y quiero voluntar en el refugio.. quiero saber si es posible?
gracias, Naama katz :)
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#Talia - Limaeasy2016-03-08 22:24
Hola, no creo que haya ningún problema en que vuelvas. Pero antes de llegar, te recomiendo escribir a para avisar tu llegada.
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#Nashla Pachas2016-05-22 18:09
HI! My name is Nashla, I'm planning on going to Peru,could you give me more information about helping these children? Thank you.
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#Talia - Limaeasy2016-05-24 15:40
Hello Nashla, you can donate food and essentials for the children, such as clothes, shoes, food, strollers, diapers or similar things. You can also donate money, finding the information in the website. Thank you for your interest, these children will thank you very much.
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#John Palmer2017-01-01 11:55
How can I volunteer my time. Please let me know. I am in Lima until mid April. John
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#Isabel2017-05-30 12:57
Hola! Soy Isabel. Están aceptando voluntarios este mes? Me gustaria visitarlos y contribuir con los niños. Saludos
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#Laura2017-11-08 19:55
Hi, I currently live in La Molina vieja and am looking to volunteer somewhere long term. How far are you from la molina and are you taking volunteers? I love children and have plenty of time on my hands.
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