The Business Guide for Lima & Peru

The Business Guide for Lima & Peru

Peru's economy today reflects like centuries ago its varied geography; the different climate zones facilitate widespread agriculture, the Andes rich in natural resources allow mining and the Pacific Ocean with its fishful waters makes commercial fishing possible. Economic growth continues to be driven by exports of minerals (mainly gold, copper, zinc), textiles, chemicals, agricultural products (garden produce and fruits), fish-meal, services and by energy projects (Read more about this in our Peruvian Economy Section).

Investment Grade - Peru

Investment Grade - Peru

Peru has been given good forecasts by the best-known risk rating agencies, which have not only ratified the country's investment grade but have also raised the Peruvian sovereign credit rating. The factors that back this rating are the solid economic prospects reflected in a minimum growth estimate...

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Company & Corporation Types

There are different types of legal entities which investors can use in order to incorporate businesses in Peru. The main legal forms of companies according to law are: corporation, limited liability companies, branch offices, joint venture, etc. Any proceedings may be carried out directly or through a representative.

Company Types...

Company & Corporation Types in Peru
How to set up a Company or Corporation in Peru

Set up a Company or Corporation

Any company established in Peru with national or foreign capitals is governed by the General Law on Companies. Companies are established in a sole act performed by the founding partners. To establish a Company only two partners who may be individuals (or a corporate body) and the preparation of the Minutes of Incorporation are required. The process of setting up a company (framework) usually takes about four to six weeks...

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Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)

Nearly 95% of Peru's exports are covered by Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) currently in force. This enables Peruvian products to enter, subject to the rules of origin of each trade agreement, under preferential conditions to 53 countries, including the United States, China, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and the member countries of the European Union, among others.

Trade Agreements...

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with Peru

Peru offers Interesting Conditions

  • Non-discriminatory treatment: Foreign investors receive the same treatment as local investors.
  • Unrestrictive access to most economic sectors.
  • Free transfer of capital.
  • Free competition.
  • Guarantee for Private Property.
  • Freedom to purchase stocks from locals.
  • Freedom to access internal and external credit.
  • Internationally acknowledged macroeconomic soundness.
Chambers of Commerce in Lima & Peru

Chambers of Commerce in Peru

Important International and Peruvian Chambers of Commerce in Lima and Peru. Hopefully the compiled list of chambers includes the ones you're interested in. For detailed information about the particular camber, have a look at the detail pages.

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Peruvian Ministries in Lima

List of the most important Peruvian Ministries located in Lima. For detailed information about the particular Ministry, have a look at the detail page and also visit their web pages (Due to constant changes, please verify the provided phone numbers and addresses by visiting the mentioned web pages of the ministries).

All Peruvian Ministries...

Peruvian Ministries in Lima
Peruvian Institutions, Organizations & Associations

Institutions, Organizations & Associations

Here you'll find important Peruvian institutions, organizations and associations. Hopefully the compiled list of useful foundations might be the ones you're interested in. Our listing includes the following categories: Tourism, Money, Business, Transport & Infrastructure, Products, Nature & Animals, Sport and Health.

All Peruvian Institutions...