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climate change in peru

Wednesday, October 15 2014, 07:27 PM
Dear LimaEasy,
I'm an artist currently traveling through Peru. I'm interested in weather and climate-change related research, institutions and infrastructure. I'm working on a series of projects that address how individuals understand climate change.
I'm in Iquitos right now and will be traveling to Lima soon, and I was wondering if anyone might have any suggestions for places to visit that are for example infrastructure for monitoring weather or climate, or infrastructure put in place to adapt to changes in climate, or places I could visit or volunteer at that conduct research in anything related to these topics.
I'd appreciate any suggestions!
All the best,
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      Thursday, October 16 2014, 11:39 AM - #permalink
      Hello Karolina,

      interesting topic you are researching. Unfortunately you are not in Lima right now. At the moment the climate conference COP20 Lima is held in town with quite a few seminars and lectures open to the public.

      Honestly there are lots of organizations in Lima that next to their other main focus as well here and there do something in the area of climate change. You could of course get in contact with international organizations like the WWF or the UN or just do a simple search on the we. Helpful might be also the MInisterio del Ambiente, Inrena and Concytec.

      A good source for information might be Senamhi; they operate a few weather stations in Lima and publish data about air pollution.

      Personally I would try to get in contact with the UTEC, the Universidad de Ingenieria y Tecnologia in Lima. They do a lot in this area. In the last years they "invented" for example a billboard that filters drinking water out of the air (this one is located in the south of Lima along the PanAmericana) and a billboard that cleans the air (located on the construction side of their new campus in Barranco). I'm sure talking to these guys is very informative.

      In Lima's district Jesus Maria at the Parque de la Democracia a "super arbol" was planted a while back that cleans the air. The organization behind it is Cedres which as well works in eductaion about climate change.

      Hope I could give you some ideas.

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