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Hi all excited to visit Peru...

Thursday, September 18 2014, 12:20 PM

I am an Indian planning to relocate to Peru. Though excited worried about food. As a mother of two small children please help me if there are any Indian stores or any market to but Indian spices and grains and coconuts please.


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      Thursday, September 18 2014, 03:36 PM - #permalink
      Hello Jasmine,

      actually there is no need to worry about food in Lima. Being a foreigner myself in Peru with two children I really can understand that you would like to cook for your family as you are used to; but be open and offer your kids as well the food of your new home country. It's delicious and can be healthy; I'm sure that you and your children will love the one or other dish, the great fresh fruits and veggies.

      On the other hand in Lima there is quite a big Indian community. You find countless Indian restaurants and shops where you can get traditional Indian clothes. Shopping for typical Indian ingredients isn't that difficult in Lima; most Indian restaurants for example buy their Indian spices and other typical ingredients at the Mercado in Surquillo. Additionally the bigger supermarkets like Plaza Vea, Wong, Tottus, VIvanda have the one or other Indian spice and ingredient.

      Another good place to shop for Indian ingredients is the Mercado Central in Lima downtown and of course China Town (Barrio Chino) which is located behind the central market on Jr. Ucayali block 7, Calle Capón. There for example is the Indian shop Vaishno. Have a look at their advertizement video under below mentioned link.
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        Sunday, September 21 2014, 11:27 AM - #permalink
        Hi Eva,

        Thank you so much. Ur answer would surely be of great help ..

        Thank you,

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