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US or Schengen valid visa - can I enter Peru

Friday, October 03 2014, 03:35 AM
Hi all,
a quick question. Can we enter Peru using US or Schengen multiple entry visa (valid)? I had previously been granted entry to Panama on the basis of having a valid multiple entry Schengen visa, and I know that Mexico accepts US visa (instead of Mexican visa) to grant entry permission. There are no embassies/consulates where I live so before looking for the nearest embassy to apply, I wanted to check if Peru allows entry to people holding valid multiple entry US of Schengen visas. Thanks.
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      Friday, October 03 2014, 07:44 AM - #permalink
      Simple answer: No, Peru doesn't allow you entry with a US or Schengen visa.

      If you belong to a nationality that have to apply for a visa to enter Peru, you have to apply for one at the nearest Peruvian embassy or consulate, no matter if you have a visa for or residency in another country that doesn't need a visa.

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