Theaters in Lima

Theaters in Lima

Lima has a vibrant and active theater scene and you surely will find something for your taste. There are many theaters presenting not only classic theater, but also cultural presentations, modern theater, experimental theater, dramas, dance performances, theater for children and not to forget shows and plays in numerous small theater bars. Most presentations are in Spanish, but don't worry, even if your language skills aren't perfect, its Art – you'll understand. It's always difficult to judge over cultural institutions and tell you which one is the best.

All theaters big or small work very hard, have brilliant actors and present magnificent performances and plays that promise a nice and entertaining afternoon or evening.

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Grand National Theater of Peru

Opened in July 2012 the Grand National Theater, the Gran Teatro Nacional del Peru, is the newest and most modern addition to Lima's cultural scene. The multi-purpose theatre and concert hall is equipped with the latest technology in acoustics as well as sound and theatrical engineering making a visit to one of the performance ranging from operas, concerts, ballets, Broadway shows and more a first class experience.

Municipal Theater

Since the 1920s the Municipal Theater is the place in Lima for drama, opera and ballet. After a devastating fire in 1998 and awaiting reconstruction for 10 years, Lima's traditional theater was re-inaugurated even more beautiful in 2010. Since then the Municipal Theater of Lima has once again an interesting and varied playbill. Don't miss one of the famous ballet performances.

Maguey Theater

The Teatro Maguey, one of the most important theater groups in the country, was founded in 1982. The main aim was and still is to offer a space where all age groups can develop identity, imagination, creativity, expressiveness and communication skills through art and play. The theater offers always on Saturdays and Sundays various presentations and plays for everybody. 

La Tarumba Circus - Theater - Music

La Tarumba was founded in 1984 with the idea to combine theater, circus and music but at the same time educate and entertain. A great success: the Tarumba is the most recognized Circus Theater in Peru. Today the Tarumba presents yearly two amazing, creative and innovative shows that are definitely worth a visit.

Segura Theater

The Segura Theater is believed to be the oldest cultural institution in Latin America and represents a major part of the Peruvian cultural history. The yearly program of the Segura includes brilliant theater and dance performances. Worth a visit are the amazing opera, ballet and modern dance presentations.

Marsano Theater

The famous Argentine actor and producer Osvaldo Cattone is the director of the Teatro Marsano in Miraflores. The presented plays (mostly comedies) are always of typical South American style with its humor, irony and sarcasm. Great performances!

Kusi Kusi Puppet Theater

The Kusi Kusi Teatro de Titeres is the most significant and respected marionette theater in Peru. Vicky Morales, the director of the Kusi Kusi, shows lovely plays. With an enormous dedication to this kind of theater she as well offers wonderful workshops for children, teens and adults. For more info check the Web page of the Kusi Kusi.

Pataclaun Theater

Pataclaun was born more than 20 years ago in Lima when a group of anxious university students performed a play on how to manage a theater. Nowadays, grown up and highly professional, they present innovative and entertaining clown performances in a well equipped theater (even if it doesn't look like from the outside).

Canout Theater

Opened in 1954 by Señora Clara Canout the Teatro Canout is a fine small theater that has seen a lot of Lima's cultural history. Today the Canout theater is surely one of the most respected theaters in town presenting excellent plays. The Canout theater also houses the Hacowin workshop introducing the youth to acting.

Theater Auditorio Miraflores

The Auditorio Miraflores is an excellent small theater that presents professional and impressive plays for young and old. Together with many others the theater group Aqualuna presents plays in the Auditorio Miraflores. Aqualuna was founded in 1991 by actors, playwrights, musicians and professionals in social sciences and communication.

La Plaza Isil Theater

The La Plaza Theater opened its door in 2003. Over the last few years the group of artists supported by the San Ignacio Institute together with invited well-known actors developed the theater into a well respected cultural establishment in Lima. La Plaza Isil mostly presents famous international plays and New Peruvian dramas.

Chamber Theater

The Teatro de Cámara is a Cultural Center which promotes the cultural development through art and entertainment in Lima. They present new and creative performances for professionals of the art scene and fans. The theater school gives beginners and professionals the opportunity to develop their theatrical skills.

Preludio Theater

Preludio is a nonprofit cultural association which main objective is spreading culture and quality entertainment. The group regularly present theater classics, modern plays and musicals for adults as well as for children. For a few years now they also stage their plays at the Municipal Theater and Seguro Theater.

Mocha Graña Theater

The Teatro Mocha Graña is a cultural association founded in 1993. It gives young talents the opportunity to stage self written and self directed plays to become known in Lima's theater scene. La Mocha is friendly, intimate, caring, adventurous and passionate. On Saturday afternoon's shows for children are presented.

Yuyachkani Theater

The Casa Yuyachkani is one of the important cultural centers in Lima. They do significant cultural work for Peru. Presented are innovative, amazing and challenging theatrical performances and unbelievable dance performances. Most presentations have their origin in the Andean world.

23 results - showing 1 - 1512